Chiyoko Szlavnics
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Chiyoko Szlavnics is a Canadian composer and visual artist, whose practice is based in Berlin.
She began composing after graduating from university music studies in Toronto in 1989, and studied privately with James Tenney from 1993-7. A generous Fellowship Grant from the Akademie Schloss Solitude took her to Germany in 1997, after which she moved to Berlin and joined its fertile international experimental music community.

She composes for acoustic instruments and also enjoys programming sinewaves, often combining the two. Around the year 2000, she developed a compositional approach based on self-generated drawings. The drawings enabled her to conceive and realise a kind of music, which promotes the perception of certain psychoacoustic phenomena (beating and combination tones), through her sensitive setting of ratio-related pitch material in sustains and extended glissandi, and her careful orchestration.

Drawing became an independent artistic practice around the year 2010, and Chiyoko Szlavnics has since made numerous moiré series, which have shown in numerous exhibitions internationally, in Toronto, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris.

Recent projects have included a revision of Oracles I-V for a concert by Ensemble Contrechamps at St. Pierre Cathédrale in Geneva on May 13th, 2023...

...and a new octet for Quatour Bozzini & Konus Quartett, which was premiered during Konus Quartet's 20th anniversary festival in early May, 2023, in Bern, Switzerland.

Projects in 2023 include an October CD recording of Oracles with Ensemble Contrechamps at Bellelay Abbey in Switzerland, with the exciting Barcelona-based label Neu Records, as well as sound design and original composition for a documentary film on Tamio Wakayama, a Japanese Canadian photographer, by Cindy Mochizuki.